maninkari is an instrumental duet combining composition and improvisation with traditional and contemporary instruments : viola, santoor, frame drums, synthesizers, cymbalum, drums, since 2006.
We have released numerous albums on such labels as Zoharum Records, Three:four Records, Drone Records, Conspiracy Records, Basse Frequence, Neuropa records,
Ikuisuus Label. 
Frédéric & Olivier Charlot - Paris 
For any questions & live booking please contact : 

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Music composed & arranged by maninkari.
Short film 2021 > Memories of crossing by Alberto Segre
Short film 2018 > Mesmerize by Thomas Pantalacci
Medium film 2016 > L'Amérique by Darielle Tillon
Short film 2015 > Ruins of time by Mathieu Peteul
Short film 2014 > Blattaria by Thomas Pantalacci 
Medium film 2012 > Phantasmes by Thomas Pantalacci
Short film 2010 > Des nuages au bout des doigts by 
Simone Massi
Short film 2005 > Call baker by Dan Salzmann




Ferme l'Oeil is a small publishing house books 
and records founded in Paris by Frédéric & Olivier
Charlot for the publication of their work.

ferme l'oeil  >  etsy



This is a blog about our experience analyzing our dreams. 
We also offer you an interpretation of your dream.

acronyque songe



Past events - maninkari
04.10.2018 - Iklectik - Londres
14.06.2018 - Instants Chavirés with Troum - Paris
21.03.2018 - Supersonic - Paris
20.01.2018 - Le Lieu Unique - Nantes
07.12.2017 - Espace des Arts Sans Frontières - Paris